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That Holiday Dress

What I wore:

Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Necklace: LuShae Jewelry
Heels: Fioni
Toe nail Polish: Wet n Wild (Wild Shine 412A)
Lips: Maybelline (50 Pink Bloom)

Do you ever worry about an outfit you've worn on a holiday being labeled as for example, your "Easter Dress"? Do you fear wearing it again because everyone will remember it? It's happened to me numerous times and I would usually wait a while before I wore it again!

This creamy lace dress from Forever 21 however, is a different story. I saved it for nearly two months to wear on Easter Sunday and I actually can't wait to wear it again! I can't get over how beautiful it is and I feel absolutely fantastic in it! The black belt is also from Forever 21 and I thought it looked darling with the dress. I admit, I had a little bit of a semi-CHANEL moment when I looked in the mirror. The necklace was a gift from LuShae Jewelry that I received shortly after we started this blog.

If you can relate to how I've felt wearing something again after the holiday has passed, here's a few things we can remind ourselves of:

1) Not everyone has the ability to remember what you have or haven't worn. In fact, there are many people who will comment on something you've worn before and ask if it's new when you've actually worn it twice. Sure, there are those who will recognize your sequined top or great pair of heels, but so what? It's not a bad thing. Think of them remembering it as a positive thing. You've obviously made a statement!

2) Wear what you love! Remember in my last outfit post how I talked briefly about how it's completely normal to wear what's in your closet more than once? It's true! If you've only worn something once, you migh want to think about getting rid of it. Of course you'll have to get something else to replace it ;) Something you'll wear much more often!

3) There are plenty of ways to wear something you've worn before and use different pieces and accessories to create a new look. With this lace dress for example I could pair it with a different colored belt, different shoes, different necklace and maybe even layer a little cardigan or over it.

Don't worry about what others think! Just wear what makes you happy and work that outfit!