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The Fairest of them All: Musings on Inner Beauty

yes, you're the fairest by vol25 on Etsy

One aspect of style that Jenmarie and I both hold in the highest regard is that of inner beauty: confidence not just in how we look but in our opinions, choices and even our emotions. I'll admit that when I first started blogging here at SHE – and even now, over a year later – I struggled with finding confidence in the way I look, but I have learned that our self-esteem is a work in progress and believing in our own abilities is a big step toward feeling confident in every quality of our selves. So while I may not be vivaciously secure, I know I'm traipsing the stepping stones to self-confidence with some pretty sure footing. And I think I owe a lot of that to blogging. Part of the beauty of blogging is getting to learn these little lessons in self-worth from other bloggers. Before SHE I didn't really think I could be a fashion blogger: I thought they were all skinny girls of Amazonian height with oodles of money to spend on designer swag. But the reality I soon found is that fashion bloggers come in all shapes and sizes, all genders and ethnicities, and from all ends of the budget spectrum. It's not about what you look like, it's about fashion and how you interpret it into your own beautifully unique style.

the way you think by vol25 on Etsy

I think people tend to forget that style is more than fashion, too. Style is the result of how all the facets of our inner beauty come together and sometimes it's even about how they're projected to the rest of the world. Consider all your interests – all your hobbies, your specific taste in movies and music – all of that is a part of your style. That's when I say someone is truly stylish, when they've paid that special attention to all the beautiful little things that make them who they really are and they know exactly what the result is. Discovering where your interests are, for yourself and not because they’re popular or cool, and looking at yourself honestly establishes a security in itself. From there, growing and exploring and testing the waters of your newfound inner beauty creates experiences that help you better understand your own style.

whatever you are be a good one by vol25 on Etsy

So to all you other bloggers, how has blogging helped to raise your confidence and illuminate your inner beauty? And to those of you reading who don't blog, are there any special things you do to help maintain your perspective and raise your self-confidence? Talk to me about fabulously original you!

- Casee Marie