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3 Ways To Stay Positive

3 Ways To Stay Positive | Style Through Her Eyes

I strongly believe that staying positive is important and that it greatly benefits our mind and heart. For me, being positive makes each day much more pleasant because I'm in such a better mood and it plays a big part in my happiness. Positivity has a significant impact on how we think and feel which will also affect the way you approach different situations and how you treat people. The things we listen to, read, and even the people we are around will influence us to some degree and if those things are constantly negative we're setting ourselves up to become negative. We are whatever we fill and surround ourselves with!

One of the ways I like to stay positive is to find the good in a bad situation. There is always something! Recently our car was in the shop longer than expected which brought upon some stress with figuring out work schedules with only one car. Instead of getting really frustrated I reminded myself that had we not purchased the second car a few months ago we'd be in a much worse situation. I turned the stressed into thankfulness!

If I'm having a not-so-great-day I like to think about or do something that makes me happy instead of dwelling over it. I'm not saying it's not ok to be sad or upset, but we shouldn't waste our entire day feeling that way. Have your cry or appropriate rant and then take charge of the rest of the day! Some of the things I like to do to distract myself from bad feelings are watching videos on YouTube, cleaning and organizing, or talking to someone that I love. What are some of the things that make YOU happy?

Of course, I'm saving the best for last...

The absolute best way to stay positive through anything is to trust in God and ask Him for patience and strength. He is in control of all things and is always there to guide you through whatever it is you are facing. Even if you aren't going through a rough point in your life He can help you become a more positive and happy person. Talk to Him. Tell Him how you feel and ask Him to fill you with His love and to help change your heart. He loves you more than you know!

I hope this inspired you and that it will make your day and week so much more wonderful! Always remember, there is something good in every day!