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WHBM Tops: Look Slimmer or Fuller

Finding the right tops to compliment your size and shape is important. You don't want tops that drown you or make you look like you were squeezed into it. You want pieces that look the best on you! There are so many different styles of tops with different features that will help to make your tummy area feel comfortable or accentuate your waist. It's not about hiding who you are or adding something that isn't there, it's about wearing what looks best on you and what makes YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL. These are just a few that I selected from White House | Black Market to review and go over with you.


Blouse Split-Sleeved Silk Top - $29.99

If you don't like fitted tops because you're self-conscious about your mid area, try one with a drop waist that fits on the hips. It will help to create a sleek look (and make your waist look great) that is comfortably loose but also flattering! Make sure you choose a size that fits you best. Many women make the mistake of buying two sizes too big thinking it will make them look better. Truth is, it does far from complimenting them! Remember, it's not about hiding! You don't want to look like you're wearing a potato sack.

Foral Sweater - $88.00

Any top like this one with the solid black sides creates a structured look and will make you look fantastic! It's instantly slimming! There are other tops that have reversed side patterns like this one which also have a similar effect.

Studded Double V Sweater - $29.99

Again with this top we have the stretchy band over the hips which is going to create a relaxed look without looking over-sized. The double v feature (semi-low cut in the front and back) is stunning on any woman!


Lace Back 3/4 Sleep Top - $39.99

If you want to look a little fuller, try a loose fitted top. But make sure it's not going to drown you and make you look like you're lounging around in a blanket. This one has shorter dolman sleeves which will give you a little bit of structure with it's modern silhouette

Striped Bodice Top - $84.00

The thing with peplum styled tops is, it can work with various body types. If you have a fuller figure it will absolutely help define your waist. Or if you have a smaller figure it will help define your hips. This particular top is a more relaxed peplum than say, this one, that will work for different women. It's one of those tops that you just have to try on and see if it works for you or not.

Dotted Chiffon Bow Blouse - $49.99

Chiffon is a wonderful fabric for everyone to wear. Loose and flowy works well for looking fuller and creates a nice contrast when worn with jeans or a pencil skirt. The accented bow is also nice if you're feeling a little small on top.

Tell me ladies, what are some of the best tops that look best on YOU?