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Tunic Outfit & Black Friday Haul

What I Wore:

Slouchy Tee: Victoria's Secret
Leggings: Victoria's Secret
Cashmere Scarf: C/O Talbots (Similar)
Boots: Target (Similar)
Olivia & Joy Bag: T.J. Maxx (Similiar)

I set out to grab some gifts and a few things for Jason and I on Black Friday before I headed out to work. My, what an exhausting day! There were many things I wanted to snatch up for myself but our focus right now is getting gifts for other people (those I am not posting here to keep them secret!). I had my $10 Birthday coupon from Victoria's Secret in hand with me and picked up the slouchy tee though it's really more like a tunic. Jumper is another name for these long topis which I think most people from the UK refer to them as. An over-sized tee, tunic and jumper all have one thing in common - they cover your rear end! Which makes them perfect for leggings. This particular one is comfortable and lightweight and I love the color! I also had $10 off of $30 at Bath and Body Works so I purchased a couple candles in my favorite holiday scent, Frosted Cranberry! The description of the scent on their website is: "Ripe, red cranberries dusted with fresh snow and a blend of juicy peach, raspberry and vanilla." It's absolutely amazing! Their candles are regularly $20 each but they were 2 for $22 that day! I never buy their candles unless they're on sale. I walked away with a free mini candle in the same scent and another (I already have one in my bathroom, just needed one for the kitchen!) Vanilla Bean Noel Foaming Soap. While at Target I picked up Star Trek: Into Darkness for $9 on Blu Ray! If you're interested, Amazon has it listed for $7.99! We love this movie! Target also had flannel sheets on sale for $15, so I got those but I'm not sure if they are thick enough. I am thinking of going back to see if there's a warmer set I could trade it for. Our bedroom can get real cold!

And that's about it! Not bad, eh? Now, it's your turn. Tell me some of the deals you got!