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Gifts for Teen Girls

Gifts for Teen Girls | Style Through Her Eyes

Be sure to check out the 2014 edition of my gift guide for teen girls!

Being a teenager isn't always easy but for most girls it's an exciting time of new adventures! They gain more privileges, they're introduced to make-up and their style begins to slowly evolve. If you're a parent of a teen or perhaps a grandparent, aunt or even a mentor, than these gifts below would be great to add to her stocking or under the tree!

Baby Lips are wonderful for everyone but especially fun if you're just starting to introduce her to make-up. The majority of the colors are very light and will often appear much lighter than the packaging. She'll feel extra special when wearing one of these pink shades!
*Shades listed from left to right: Strike a Rose, Pink Punch, Peach Kiss

If she's into music, some of the best ear buds out there are by SkullCandy. I remember feeling super cool when I got my first pair! I had a Walkman and my first cassette featured a mix of Disney songs.

One of the newest and greatest accessories are the midi rings! I love this Open Heart Midi Ring and think it'd be perfect for that special girl in your life!

She got her first lipstick and maybe some powder and now she needs a cosmetic bag! Most girls love prints and patterns at this time. Hearts, stripes, kittens, flowers, you name it! There are several more of these bags to choose from here!

A lot of girls have purses that they've played with growing up. Eventually they'll need one to always have on them to carry their make-up, personal items and, dare I say, a cell phone! This is an adorable little purse that obviously makes a statement with the metallic fringe!

Hoping this gift guide inspired you! Who do you have left to buy for?