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5 Summer Necessities

Over the last few days it has been around 90 degrees. Feeling sweat drip down your back (or anywhere really) due to the weather is one of the worst things. It reminded me that Summer is not much more than a month away and I began thinking of some of my basic essentials that I need to get through the coming months. Oh, and might I add that a weekly frozen yogurt trip really helps too?

VS PRO Airbrush FX Perfecting Primer SPF 20, Rainbow Sandals from Nordstrom, Candie's Lace Chambray Sleeveless Dress, AE Aviator Sunglasses, Water bottle

I wear mostly dresses and skirts during the Summer. They're easy to wear and they help make me feel as cool as I can possibly be. You'll find me in sandals pretty much throughout the year for comfort purposes but they're obviously the best option for this season. Owning a primer or foundation that has SPF is always a good idea but if you don't use a product that contains it, I'd highly recommend you begin to. Protecting your skin should be one of your top priorities in the Summer. Speaking of, while shopping for a new pair of sunglasses you should choose a pair that have UV protection. Your eyes are just as important! A random little fact about me: The Sun makes me sneeze. Literally. So I always have my sunnies with me! I also like to have a water bottle with me whenever I go out. Make sure to keep hydrated, especially if you're out in the sun all day!

What are some of your Summer essentials?