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Piece by Piece & Pizza

Happy Friday, dearies! Enjoy this unique display of my outfit...

Braided Pearlescent Chiffon Headwrap from Forever 21.

Necklace from Forever 21 and my beloved charm bracelets.

Sweater: American Eagle, Layering Tank: Target, Knit Jeggings: American Eagle.

Boots from Target.

A salad and spinach alfredo/mac & cheese pizzas to start at Cici's Pizza

My brother got everything at once, including dessert.

My mom being adorable, of course.

My sister sporting sequins. Always a good choice!

Love my brother's style!

They like to think they're gangster. And no, he doesn't actually wear his hat like this.

Look at all those fans! You can visit her facebook page here.

We ended the day with some Mario stickers from those old coin machines. I love Toad!

Our schedules have been pretty busy and now with only having one vehicle (Jason's car was stolen), things have been rather tricky. On top of that, since it's now darker earlier, I haven't been able to do a decent outfit post. I figured I'd take my own photos of my outfit piece by piece. I told my husband when he got home last night "Maybe I should think about getting a tripod to take my own photos when you're not able to.". I shall ponder on this thought!

Anyhow, I was quite comfy in my American Eagle sweater. I am very thankful that it finally feels like Fall! My mom, sister and one of my brothers came out and we ate at Cici's Pizza. They're a pizza buffet with yummy variations I've never even heard of! I don't know what the normal price is but their current deal was $5 a person! Not bad! They also had a couple of different salads, pastas and dessert!

What kind of pizza do you like? Have you ever heard of Cici's?