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My Italian Charm Bracelets

When I saw this post by Casee Marie, it reminded my of my first Zoppini italian charm bracelet and all the little charms I collected. My family, a few friends and I all had them years back and we wore them just about every day. It's so strange when you suddenly realize you've stopped wearing something and you wonder why. I absolutely loved mine and many of the charms were very special to me. I decided late one night to take mine out and begin wearing them. Who knows, maybe in doing so everyone will start wearing them again!

Top: Mickey Mouse, Gumdrop from Candyland, @ sign, WWJD, Belle, You're so special, January birthstone
Bottom: Heart, Disney Princess, Piglet, Turtle, My Little Pony, Frog, Crown

Top: Princess, Rose, American flag, I love my computer, Oyster from "Alice in Wonderland", Burger,
Bottom: Two hearts, Granddaughter, Papa's Girl, Birthday cake, Monkey, Flower

(Sorry, I included charms from the last photo in this one and didn't realize it.)
Top: I love movies, Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirate hat, Star Wars
Top: Minnie's shoe, Ariel, Aurora, Flower

I also have some other charms, blanks and a watch piece that I'm currently not using. Some of the charms I won't ever use again, like the "I love Orlando". I was quite obsessed with Orlando Bloom back then.

There are still many places online that sell these charms like here and here. I also checked eBay and found many listed on there. Did you ever have one of these charm bracelets? If so, what were some of your favorite charms?