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SHE Wears: Leopard Print Scarves

In case you missed our first SHE Wears post, our new periodic series is an exploration of our unique styling techniques: in every post we'll take one similar piece, typically an accessory, and show how we each would chose to wear it. This time we're rocking a charming leopard print scarf that Jenmarie found at Cotton On for just a few dollars! Leopard with a twist, the scarf is a unique combination of red, orange and pink with a naturally crinkled design, making it quite the eye-catcher.

What Jenmarie Wore:
Top: H&M
Belt: Forever 21
Leggings: Target
Boots: Target
Bracelet: Gifted
Bag: Old Navy
Lipstick: Avon

Accessories are the perfect pieces to purchase when you're on a budget. They have that special power to re-create any outfit and I can't help but get excited as I watch my outfit transform in the mirror. This richly colored leopard print scarf is one of my new favorite accessories and I can't wait to explore with it. I often find amazing prices at Cotton On and this particular scarf jumped into my arms and then another followed closely behind for Casee Marie. I really had no choice in the matter!

The belt is new but I'll be honest and tell you that it's my first belt that I've ever purchased (I used to wear belts when I was a kid but that doesn't really count). I love it because when both ends are snapped in place it creates the look of a bow. You can't see it much in these photos but rest assured I'll be wearing it again ;) The Phantom of the Opera bracelet is an old gift from my mom (it also came with a matching necklace). Isn't it fantastic?

I love how Casee Marie and I styled the scarf differently but are wearing the same colors and similiar pieces. It's been fun and I'm looking forward to the next SHE Wears!

What Casee Marie Wore:
Sweater: Express
Leggings: Simply Vera
Flats: Merona
Earrings: Forever 21
Ring: generic from Target
Bracelet: White House Black Market
Lipstick: ULTA Lipcolor in Moroccan Red

I think it's safe to say that I collect scarves like VB collects Birkin bags (mine is the much more economically pleasant obsession) so when faced with the thought of incorporating one into our next SHE Wears post I was pretty unperturbed. But then when it was actually time to tie the scarf I hit a roadblock. My go-to style, which I think is typically called the European Loop (I tend to just say "the European way"), didn't seem to suit the overall look I had going on. It's a long scarf and quite big so it's great for the European style, but it just felt odd, maybe a little slouchy. So then I had the idea of tying it like a man's necktie, which instantly made me think Janelle Monae or Marlene Dietrich, and viola. I tucked it into the v-neck of the Express sweater to maintain the sharp look and added a soft touch with these cute flats I recently picked up from Target. They were on clearance for all of six dollars; that's the ideal way for me to buy pieces like this, the ones that may not be as practical but will help you to establish an interesting and varied wardrobe. Little accents can go a long way to changing up your look! I think that holds true for this scarf: such an adventurous piece with its bold color and bolder print, and it's just the sort of thing to add a little oomph to an otherwise predictable outfit. Thanks to Jen for finding it and bringing it into my little wardrobe's life!

Get your own!
1. Express, $20.93 | 2. Express, $20.93 | 3. Gap, $29.50
4. ASOS, $26.90 | 5. Mimi Boutique, $20 | 6. Victoria's Secret, $45

Do you have a favorite accessory that punches up your everyday looks?