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The Wedge Platform

Scans from January issue of Vogue thanks to The Fashion Spot

This Spring, wedges are going to be one of the most popular "go to" pair of shoes. Wedges are much more stable to walk in than heels and they're often just as beautiful to look at. I've been a fan of the wedge for a long time (mostly because my feet are insanely sensitive).

Yesterday during the Superbowl (I only really watched the commercials...) I picked up my January issue of Vogue once again and took note of the unique type of wedge that we'll soon be finding everywhere in stores. The width that gives the height of the wedge is the same throughout the shoe, which gives it a real even and chunky look. These will look great with a pair of full trousers (another upcoming Spring look), dresses, skirts, etc. So when you find a pair at your local mall, try them on and see how you like them! Don't be afraid to try new things!

- Jenmarie