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Ruche's Sweeter Season

Spring is typically my least favorite season. There's so much rain, all the spiders and bees seem to come out of hibernation (everyone who knows me is intimately acquainted with my unparalleled phobia of bugs) and there are so few pleasant days to be had between the murky cold of winter and the sweltering heat of summer. Ironically, my birthday is in the spring. Go figure! But even with all my muddled feeling for the season the new Spring 2011 lookbook from Ruche is actually making me excited for its arrival! Maybe I'll read The Secret Garden or Alice's Adventures in Wonderland under the great big tree in my backyard. Maybe I'll try some of the springtime recipes from Sophie Dahl's Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights. And maybe - and there's really no 'maybe' about it - I'll indulge in the whimsical magic of this collection...

All images from ShopRuche.com; photography by Stephanie Williams Photography.

View the full Ruche Spring '11 Lookbook

Lovely, isn't it? Tell me some of your favorite looks and the reasons (if any, haha) that you're excited for Spring 2011!

- Casee Marie