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Straight Hair & Hours of Shopping

(New!) Grey Cardigan from Goodwill
White V-Neck T-Shirt from Target
Grey Long and Lean Tank from Target
(New!) Pink Circle Scarf from Forever 21
Pearl Necklace from Unknown
Cream Rose Ring from Forever 21
Skinny Jeans from Target
Black Boots from Target
Leather Bag from Oufi

Hello everyone! I've missed you! I've been dealing with some nasty computer problems (they're not completely fixed yet) and I haven't been able to get online all this week. Thankfully Casee Marie was able to post on my days I missed posting so SHE was very well taken care of! Isn't she amazing? Be sure to look back and read all her wonderful posts if you haven't yet!

I wore this outfit when I went to go do some errands this week. I wanted to feel relaxed and warm and felt my new cardigan and scarf would do the trick. Later in the day when I went to Forever 21 I realized wearing so many layers wasn't the best idea for trying on different things. It takes so long to put everything back on, especially when you make multiple trips to the dressing room like I do. Oh, and did I mention I was there for almost 4 hours? Just for the record, it was a very large two-story Forever 21 (which I know I've talked about before) and I wanted to look at EVERYTHING! I was dying over the new "Girls" section and thought of my sister and neices the entire time! I also got some really lovely things for myself which you'll see as the weather gets warmer.

What's that? I look different you say? Oh, that's because my hair is straightened in these photos. It's been months since I've straightened my hair. I did it on Valentine's Day and the day after (my husband loves it this way). After I straightened it I was so surprised at how long my hair actually was since I normally wear my hair naturally wavy.

Do you like your hair better straight, wavy or curly? Also, have you ever been in a store for hours like I was at Forever 21? Share with us!

- Jenmarie