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Happy Birthday SHE!

SHE is a blog dedicated to all aspects of fashion as seen through the eyes of two women in their twenties. We offer our viewers a wide variety of different content from outfit posts, the latest trends, tutorials, magazine shoots, runway shows, and more. We believe women can feel beautiful and confident while staying modest and we hope to influence you by refraining from posting anything that says otherwise. You’ll find something new just about every day and a special post on Friday called "Friday Fame" where we feature a famous actress, designer, singer, etc. and talk about their style and what we like about them.
Taken from our About Us page.

Today marks our one year anniversary! We are so excited to be celebrating with you and to announce the winner of our special e.l.f. cosmetics giveaway in honor of the occasion. Please be sure to check the end of this post to see if you've won!

So what inspired me to start fashion blogging? Last year my husband received numerous dvds that had been nominated for the Oscars (one of the great priviledges of being a member of SAG). One of the dvds was Julie & Julia. Amy Adams' character (Julie) challenges herself to make all 524 recipes from Julia Child's (Meryl Streep) cook book every day for a year and each day she would also blog about what she made and how it turned out. As Julie challenged herself day by day she found she really liked blogging and cooking and became quite passionate about the two. Before the film even ended I thought it would be fun to start up my own blog about something I loved. At the time I didn't know if there were many fashion blogs on the web, but it didn't matter to me. I knew that my blog would in many ways be different and of course, exciting.

The very next day I began working through different names for the blog (now I wish I saved the list!), and contacted a couple of friends of mine to see if they'd be interested blogging with me. In the beginning SHE had many writers including Gabbie, Britta, Kiki, Karen, and Casee Marie who of course is still a part of SHE today. It was such a blessing to have each and every one of these ladies contribute to our blog. Two of them have even continued to blog on their own. Gabbie blogs at Cinderbella's Diary and Britta blogs at Forelsket. Both are absolutely lovely!

Blogging on SHE has been an amazing experience for Casee Marie and I. Our friendship has grown tremendously, our knowledge of fashion has grown and continues to day-by-day, we've made great friends, and we've had amazing opportunities come our way from different businesses like Beso and Talbots. We've also been named "Fashion Experts" on Wishpot and referenced on Twitter by Erin Fetherson and White House | Black Market. We are so thankful and fortunate!

We'd also like to thank you, our readers, for the support you've shown us and all your sweet comments! We love you all so much! Here's to another amazing year of all things fashion!


The lucky lady who has won the e.l.f. cosmetics is Gwen Stewart. Congrats! Please send us an email with your address and we'll get in touch with you asap!