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Fashion Confessions

What I'm wearing...

(New!) Polka Dot Top from Forever 21
(New!) Black Skirt from Forever 21
Black Fioni Heels from Payless
Pearl Necklace from Forever 21

I believe it's important to look your best when asking for or turning in applications at various department stores. I did a lot of that recently. Yes I do work at Bath and Body Works but I'm not sure they're keeping me. I was hired as a seasonal associate, so I wasn't guaranteed to stay on. While I've been impatiently waiting for the call I thought it would be best to try and find another job just in case. However most places won't be hiring until March. Thankfully it's not too far off and I've decided I'm going to continue to trust in God!

Now onto some details about my outfit...

The Polka Dot top I bought with money Jason gave me for my birthday. I love patterned clothing and polka dots and stripes happen to be a couple of my favorites. There's just something about polka dots that make them classy and girly! Combined with the slightly ruffled sleeves, this top was too cute not to purchase!

The black skirt I'm wearing was part of Forever 21's Yellow Tag Deal. I barely got it for only $4! I say barely because I was doing a little shopping before work on Black Friday (seems so long ago now!) and didn't have time to stand in the super long line. I asked this lady to hold it and she told me they weren't doing any holds! I freaked out inside because it was the only one in my size and I had to have it! I decided to do something my mom and I would occasionally do. Are you ready for this? I folded the black skirt and hid it under a pile of black clutches! I knew no one would see it. Sure enough it was still there after work and I happily walked out of the store with my skirt in their bright yellow bag.

This also reminded me of a time years ago when I was a teenager. I was in Mervyns and really wanted this top. They had no more in my size, so I picked out another color in my size. While I was checking out I looked up and saw a mannequin high up on a shelf almost reaching the ceiling with the color top I originally wanted. I kid you not, I asked the cashier to take the mannequin down and check the size for me! She had to get a ladder! It was slightly embarrassing but I really wanted it. Sure enough, it was my size!

Ladies, be honest. What's your Fashion Confession? Have you ever really wanted a top, purse or maybe even a great pair of heels and went to the end of the earth to get it? Share your stories with us!

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