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Jen's Jewels

I love necklaces, bracelets, rings, and if I had my ears pierced I'm sure I'd adore earrings as well. Although I lack much in fashionable rings, I have some other lovely pieces that I thought I'd begin to share with you. I say begin because this is the first of many posts you will find with some of my favorite pieces.

While I love accessorizing, I'm the type of person to take all the jewelry off once I get home. Most of the time I can't stand to wear the pieces, even if they aren't so bulky. My body just needs to be relaxed and stress-free from accidentally breaking a chain while doing laundry, or...well you get the picture.

Bella's (from Twilight) bracelet with charms from Jacob and Edward. A gift I recieved for my Birthday from my family. It's so precious and delicate.

One of my favorite necklaces from Forever 21. I love the way it dangles and all the little charms that make this piece whole. The pink and cream colors are so perfect.

This bracelet is an older piece from Cookie Lee. It's actually very shiny.
The photo doesn't do it justice!

A long and beautifully pastel beaded necklace from Cookie Lee.

A newer necklace you've seen before from Forever 21. Also one of Emily's Picks!

One of my favorite bracelets from Forever 21 that broke. Hoping it's fixable.
Where's my amazing husband?

Another piece from Cookie Lee that has a wonderful antique look. I love wearing it!

What do you want/need more of in your jewelry collection? Which are your favorite pieces?