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NYFW: Some of Jen's favorites

I had to include "some" in the title of my post because honestly, how could I chose just a few favorites? Impossible. Especially for me considering I'm horrible at making any kind of decision. I will say this though...I'm extremely excited for Oscar de la Renta's collection tomorrow and there's a huge possibility of it being my favorite. I can't wait!


So gorgeous. So classy. So fun. There's something to wear at work, a casual day at an outdoor mall, a fancy dinner, and a party. I love the patterns and how simple everything is. I would die to try on that last dress. I adore the sleeves and the color! Oh, so rich!


I'm not even sure I've seen any of Rachel's work until I saw this collection, but how could that be? I love the oversized top tucked into the long pink skirt and the tiny belt. I also really like the mixing of patterns in some of the collections (Rodarte' had a lot of that). I also think the outfit with the golden yellow top and black and white striped skirt is so fun!


I'm a little annoyed by how so many of the collections this year are unbelievably sheer. It works if you have something underneath, but that's just not the case. Still, Michael had some lovely pieces I instantly fell in love with. I've always wanted a trench coat/dress and I adore the chunky belt with this piece! I love the loose dresses and of course the addition of the quite surprising hot colors.


Casee posted some of her favorites here which also included DKNY. I loved all her picks and wanted to include more of mine! I love all the bows, scarves, ruffles, and floral printed dresses! I even chose one of these outfits to re-create using more affordable pieces with a couple of different options...

Here are the descriptions, links and prices of each item:

1) - Contrast Couture Dress - Forever 21 - $34
(I literally found this dress online last night and now it's not there anymore.
Polyvore links it to the Canada Forever 21 website. Odd.)

2) - LIP Knit Shirt - Forever 21 - $17.80

3) - Bow Stretch Belt - Newport News - $24.00

4) - Kimchi Blue Bow Belt - Urban Outfitters - $24.00

5) - Brave the Wave Skirt - ModCloth - $29.99

6) - KG in Apple - Kurt Keiger - £85.00
(Ok, so they're pricey but really cute!)

7) - Red Heel - H&M - Unknown
(Ugh, Polyvore is annoying sometimes. Didn't realize this was from the online shop
that's apparently in a different language with no price listed!)

Remember to use the SHE Stylist if you need an outfit put together!

Hope you all enjoyed looking through these! I was also going to include some of Rodarte' and Vera Wang, but all the images I saved didn't show up for some reason. Maybe I'll post them later. In the mean time, which other collections did you just love?