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Tres Chic Chanel

Today I came across this gorgeous editorial featuring Daria Werbowy, but unfortunately I'm not entirely sure where it's from. I think it's Vogue Paris from 2004. (If anybody knows for sure, please correct me!) Anyway, even though it's an older shoot I'm completely inspired by it. Firstly, I absolutely crave Daria's hair and make-up. Look at the volume! And the clothes - all of which, I do believe, are Chanel - are positively monumental.

This dress, I just can't even express my love for it. The decadence of it all is just amazing. It looks vintage, but with a modern flare.

This look is so glamorous, and I'm crazy about the colors. That suit! It's perfection. I also love the lighting in this editorial. This particular shot looks like it tells such an interesting story.

This one is classic and timeless and so very perfectly Chanel. I don't feel like I could wear this look very well, but it's so chic! And also, hair envy again in this picture.

This dress almost hints at the 1920s for me; like something out of The Great Gatsby with all those ornate layered necklaces. So pretty! My only complaint is that I think Daria looks too thin here. I think it's just the light playing off the necklaces, maybe. It was a little distracting for me, but still I love this editorial!

All of these scans are courtesy of The Daria Files. What do you think? Have you ever found inspiration from older photoshoots or fashion magazines?