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Defunct Fashion

After doing a post last week about the fashion of Mad Men, this week I am going to share one of my new favorite tumblrs, Defunct Fashion which posts images of historical fashion. Clearly I am in a retro sort of mood. Defunct Fashion, besides having an awesome name, is a fantastic tumblr to follow. The person who runs it is a fashion student and she posts dresses from many different time periods, the 18th century, the 19th century, and up through the 1960s.

Aside from merely being a place for me to ogle beautiful designs and the intricate detailing of these antique clothes, these old dresses have been a source of inspiration for my own wardrobe. Whether it be the full skirts of Dior's New Look, the cap sleeves of the Regency period, the intricate beading of the Gilded Age or the rigid forms of the Victoria era, these looks all have something to offer that can be adapted to fit a modern wardrobe. As you can see from the images I included in this post, Defunct Fashion has spectacular dresses from all different time periods.

So check it out! Maybe you'll see something in these old clothes that you'll want to find echoes of the next time you go shopping. Or you can just have fun seeing how fashion has evolved over the years.

Image source: Defunct Fashion