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Friday Fame: Viktor & Rolf Spring 2010

I'd like to share something with you before I become crazy over these Couture Gowns...

We are currently featured (along with a full interview) at FashionsBlogs.com! We would totally appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to read it. Also, please be warned: There are photos containing nudity on the side bar on this page.

Sure, Spring has passed but I just made this incredible discovery of dresses from Paris Fashion Week, thanks to Claudine Aguon.

I'm amazed at the creativity of these remarkable pieces. They are so unique looking. I'm obsessively drawn to the soft colors and the impeccable layers and fabric usage.

This is my absolute favorite. I adore the design and the peachy skirt color combined with the darker bodice, which is by the way so perfect. We need reasons to wear couture gowns like these!

I instantly was reminded of my Strawberry Shortcake doll when I saw this dress. I could be wrong but I believe those were the dolls that came in a cupcake that was shaped just like this skirt. I love the shape so much!

It's funny how so many of these are just completely odd, but for some reason I'm totally in love with them. This is like a Goddess of the Sun dress. So lovely!

This one is obviously a lot more simple looking. I totally thought of Rihanna when I saw this dress. Don't the colors and the overall look suit her? The design reminds me a bird-like creature, maybe a peacock?

Oh! These shoes! What's not to love? The colors are making me drool. It's like a delightful sweet waiting to be devoured.

I wouldn't use this bag, but I like the way it looks. Oh, and let's not forget the heels. They're more simple, but I love the pattern.

You can find more pictures of these and others I didn't post right here. Enjoy and please let us know which are you favorites!