AYDAH Foundation

Advancing Health and Improving Youth self development

African Youth Development and Health Foundation,

a non-profit group, organized to

Establish, Prevent and Maintain a comprehensive and efficient healthcare delivery to the youth and underserved communities

Provide opportunities and inspire the Youth through Education, Employment and Empowerment 

The Most Important Accessory: You.


It was love at first sight, when I first eyed this black dress covered in cream colored bows. It seems to gather inspiration from whimsical stories like Alice and Wonderland, and little girls' dreams of becoming a princess, with a funky little twist. It was constructed by designer Chelsea Rebelle.

I thought it fitting for my first post here at SHE, to showcase one of my style inspirations. Hayley Williams, the spunky, pint-sized front woman for the band Paramore, may not be the celebrity who graces the top Best Dressed Lists; But, for me, she represents mastery of personal style.

There are so many style choices out there, and even more so, there are always style experts telling you how to tousle your hair, rouge your cheeks, or find the perfect blouse. With all of this in mind, it's up to you to really spice up an outfit, and show off your own personal style. What colors bring out your eyes? Maybe you like accentuating your blouse with vintage accessories, or glazing that perfect shade of red onto your lips.

Whatever you really love, you owe it to yourself to completely saturate your tastes into every outfit you wear!