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Beauty Hack: Urban Decay Primer Potion

You know that moment when you realize you absolutely can't squeeze anymore product out of the tube? You're certain there's still some left but it just won't budge! This happened to me a couple of days ago with my beloved Urban Decay Primer Potion. I decided to cut the end off and was absolutely shocked at how much product was still inside! After scraping some out to use it I placed the tube in a mini container and realized the next day that probably wasn't the best way to store it since air was trapped inside with the tube. Sure enough, the rest of the primer that was still inside had dried a little so I quickly transferred it to a zip lock baggie and that seemed to help it not dry out as fast as I was still able to use the primer the next day. So, be sure to bag whatever product you try this with right when you're done with it and you'll get at least a few days use if not more out of the product.

Let me know if you try this method with one of your products that you *think* is almost gone (perhaps lotion or a face primer?) and tell me how much was still inside!