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The Paradise

The Paradise | Style Through Her Eyes

The Paradise | Style Through Her Eyes

The Paradise | Style Through Her Eyes

My friend Casee introduced me to The Paradise when the trailer first debuted on Masterpiece (PBS) several months ago. I was skeptical at first and almost forgot about the show until my mom recently mentioned it. I figured since they both suggested it to me it had to be something I'd be interested in. On Tuesday I watched the first three episodes in one sitting. I wasn't quite sure what I thought but there was something captivating about it. On Wednesday I wondered how the story would unfold and watched three more episodes. I couldn't believe what happened in the sixth episode and wanted to watch another but I'm the kind of girl who needs 8 or 9 hours of sleep and it was getting late! While it's no North & South (honestly I don't believe anything is going to ever top that mini series) it's definitely entertaining. The story is set in 1875 and is about a girl named Denise who works in a drapery shop run by John Moray. It's full of fashion and the excitement and stressfulness of the retail world. Many times these sort of TV series are similar to others that have already been done, but I honestly think this show has it's own feel. It's lighthearted and enjoyable along with some mystery and romance. If you like period piece dramas, fashion and good character development, I'd definitely recommend it!

Which new shows have you recently begun watching?