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My 5 Favorite Apps

My 5 Favorite Apps | Style Through Her Eyes

Besides the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter apps (honestly, who doesn't use at least one of these every single day?), these are some of my favorite apps that I have on my iPod Touch 4. I use them on both a daily and weekly basis and feel you need to know about them if you don't already!

My 5 Favorite Apps | Style Through Her Eyes

It's so organized and easy and I like that my eyes can focus on just a few images at a time rather than a handful when I have Pinterest open on my laptop. Not to mention scrolling is literally like a dream! I like to "heart" images that I later want to pin if I just feel like browsing. It's the best way to use that tool because I really don't need the same images I am pinning on my list of likes. The app does everything the website does, it just works smoother and there's something really fun about it being more compact.

Cost: FREE

My 5 Favorite Apps | Style Through Her Eyes

I am a few months into using Target's app and I really like it! Anytime I am making my list of things I need from Target I search them all on the app to see what I can save extra on. Usually it's 5%-10% off but I've seen some up to 25% off! When you're checking out, all you have to do is open the app and show the cashier the barcode displayed on your screen once they've scanned all your items. Who doesn't like a little extra savings? To use this app you have to have a Target account or you can sign in through your Facebook.

Cost: FREE

My 5 Favorite Apps | Style Through Her Eyes

If you're wanting to add a little glimmer and gleam to your images in the shape of circles, hearts or stars, than this is the app for you! You can choose a color scheme and add the effect wherever you'd like on your image with the ability to do multiple layers. Once you're done, you hit the "Share" button which will allow you to save it to your photo album or you can post it to various social media websites.

Cost: $0.99

My 5 Favorite Apps | Style Through Her Eyes

I honestly feel that this app takes way better quality photos. Not only are there many useful options for actually taking the photo (exposure, widescreen, photo burst, etc) but there is an insane amount of editing techniques that are available to use to make your photo look it's best. If I don't have my camera on me I can trust this app to take good photos for my blog and social media apps.

Cost: $1.99

My 5 Favorite Apps | Style Through Her Eyes
Cut The Rope 2

This game is centered around one of the cutest little characters ever! His shape, the way he moves and all his fun noises make both my husband and I laugh and melt. We play it together and absolutely love it! There are also other adorable characters involved through the various obstacles you have to figure out in order to get "Om Nom" his candy and boy does it get tough! We haven't tried the first game but I'm sure it's just as fun.

Cost: $2.99

Do you use any of these apps installed or are you interested in the ones I mentioned? Which are your favorites? Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!