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Fashion Finds: Home Decor

Fashion finds - Home decor | Style Through Her Eyes, Fashion finds

After I began blogging my taste for home decor developed quite a bit and since then our cozy apartment began to resemble my eye for design while incorporating both our tastes. My husband definitely appreciates our movie/media inspired living room, and though I love it myself in my eyes it's not finished yet. Just as I am careful to only buy clothing and accessories that I absolutely love, I take my time in making decor decisions. Especially if it involves hanging something on the wall. I am extremely particular in the pieces I choose and the way everything is arranged. I very slowly make changes and add things where there hasn't been nothing but a bare wall for years (true story, and yes I admit a little crazy). Our apartment still has some bare walls that could use something and I think that part of me hasn't done anything with it because I've been unsure if we were moving at a couple points in our life. I told my husband in December that we might as well live fully where we are at right now! We love our place and we should do what we like with it while we're here instead of waiting to purchase a home or move someplace else. Can I get an Amen? If you can relate, just make sure you purchase things that you are 100% certain you will use again.

Below you'll find links to things I love and that have caught my eye recently. Enjoy and tell me what you think!

I love the design of the You & Me Thistle Poster. The silvery pale lavender is such a unique color! Super Rural also has other artwork including the ever popular For Like Ever print. Of course the Be Our Guest Pillow would fit perfectly in our movie themed living room. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney film ;) I always keep my eye out for round coffee tables like this one. They're safer when little ones are around or if you're sometimes clumsy like me. I'm against putting multiple holes in the walls when it isn't necessary, that's why I love these Picture Ledge Shelves. You've probably seen them all over Pinterest. I have the small and large one and they are wonderful for whenever you feel like swapping something out! Completely hassle free! I love the way these confetti wall stickers are layered in the above photo (though I probably wouldn't do that much). What a wonderful way to make a room so bright and beautiful!

Hope you all are enjoy the start to this new week!