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3 Ways To Be A Better Customer

3 Ways To Be A Better Customer | Style Through Her Eyes
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This is a guide to hopefully open your eyes to the wonderful world of retail. If you're wondering how you can support your favorite brands and businesses than these three points will help!

First of all, you should know that there's this little thing called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These track how well stores are performing and there are several different indicators that make up the KPIs. Three of the most important KPIs are...

1) Conversion (The number of customer transactions vs. the number of people that enter the store)
2) UPT (Units per transaction - How many items are purchased in one transaction)
3) ADS (Average Dollar Sale - The dollar amount made for the day divided by the number of transactions)

Now, every store has specific goals they need to reach each day, week, month and for the year. If they're not meeting their goals, chances are they won't be around much longer. You've probably noticed in the last couple of years many businesses all over have been closing their doors, So, how can you help with this?

Say you're planning to go out on Wednesday but you don't get paid until Friday. PLEASE, wait until Friday! Otherwise you'll be walking in and out of stores without buying anything. This type of "shopping" greatly ruins conversion. You can also opt to shop in store rather than online. This will help raise KPIs! These stores need your business to stay around. Online shopping will always be there and if you're not sick in bed or having a chaotic week they could really use a customer like you!

Ok, now that I've very briefly gone over KPIs with you it's time to talk about other ways you can be a better customer...


I understand that sometimes there is no time to try anything on and that there's some people out there who literally never try on in stores. But when you do take the time to try things on, it will greatly reduce the chances of you returning those items. Returns bring down ALL of the stores stats. And in some cases it will effect the individual associate who is helping you. That's right. There are some places where not only do the employees have to worry over the store's numbers but their own numbers as well! And most of the time that associate will have to work extra hard to build themselves back up. If you have one item you're returning, they'll have to sell two more items to get back to where they were! Imagine that x5! So, if you are able, plan enough time to try on and only buy something if you truly love it!


If you don't like what you received from your online order be sure to read the papers that were included in the package. A lot of the time they offer free returns and you can send it right back. If you're wanting to exchange the item in the store that helps a lot! But if you're not planning on purchasing anything else and if it isn't too much trouble on your end, returns by mail are much appreciated! One of the worst things that make every employee grimace is when they see someone walk in with online returns. There was one time when a customer walked in with two full boxes of clothes. I explained to her that she could easily send them back with no charge and that it would take her less time to do that than her having to wait while I go through each and every item. If I had taken that return our store would've been in the negative for the day!


Employees are people just like you and while it is absolutely their job to assist you and make your visit as pleasant as it can be, sometimes they won't be able to. There will be times when they will disappoint you or just can't give you what you want. Whether it be certain policies not allowing them to accept both of your coupons or losing an item that was on hold (everyone makes mistakes!). Whatever the case may be, they should do everything they can to make you happy and fix the issue. Just pause and take a deep breath instead of letting the monster out. Remember to smile and say "thank you". Returning the kindness will make their day!

Those are just a few ways you can be a better customer and support your favorite brands and businesses. There are many other ways you can do your part too! Like taking the survey that's at the bottom of the receipt or checking to make sure you're not over the set amount of days to make a return before you go into the store. I hope you have found this helpful!

This was written after my observations and experiences in working for American Eagle Outfitters and White House | Black Market.