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A Special Occasion

A Special Occasion | Style Through Her Eyes
(Image taken from Pinterest)

I absolutely understand the concept of saving something to wear for a special occasion. There are times we purchase something specifically for an event coming up or we decide not to wear certain shoes throughout the week for the weekend ahead. I do think, however, that doing this can become too much of a routine. Why can't every day be a special occasion? Think about it, if we are constantly "saving something" we'll hardly get to wear those pieces we love most. Everyday is a new day and should be lived to the fullest! Why not wear something that makes you feel happy and beautiful on a regular basis?

I think I personally have done a much better job of actually wearing and using my favorite things more often. Once and a while I'll be questioned as to why I'm "dressed up". It can be hard to answer when you look down at yourself and think "This is how I usually dress...". I'm at that point where I'm totally ok with wearing the same shirt twice in one week if it's what I feel like wearing. Though I must admit, I'd rather not be wearing the same thing the next time you see me. That's always been a little rule of mine as silly as it may sound.

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