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FEED USA + Target

I've been hooked on the designer collaborations with Target ever since my first time experiencing one. September 13, 2011 featured Missoni one of my favorites yet! I remember the excitement of waking up early to shop the collection. Being amongst other ladies who shared my enthusiasm was thrilling. We discussed the crazy crowds, talked about the items in our cart and even traded some pieces! Another on my favorites list would be Jason Wu which launched February 5, 2012. I talked with my friend Casee on the phone about the items we were interested in while I shopped around. People were a little more agressive that time around, eyeing the items in your hand or cart and just waiting to see if you would put them down. Each item that I've purchased from these collaborations I absolutely love! Though the last two collections I wasn't particularly fond of, I'm excited to see what designs Lauren Bush Lauren will create for the FEED collection. I think a June launch will be perfect as the bags and accesories on their website are very Summer-ish. Here's an excerpt about the collection as from the Target website:

Target is teaming up with FEED Projects to create the FEED USA + Target collection, which will be available in stores and online June 30. The limited time-only collection includes more than 50 stylish products and benefits Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity.

Co-designed with Lauren, FEED USA + Target features products spanning home, sporting goods, stationery, apparel and accessories with a casual, hand-crated feel. Each piece ranges in price from $3 to $400, and will display the number of meals donated to Feeding America as a result of the purchase.

I think it's wonderful to know that in shopping this collection we'll also be giving back at the same time to those in need!

Which collections have been your favorite so far and what do you think about the next collaboration?