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5 Ways To Be Loving

5 Ways To Be Loving | Style Through Her Eyes
As Valentine's Day is approaching I've been thinking about love and the different things we can do to show others that we care. I came up with a list of five things which I think are important and might help to encourage you.


I think that giving someone you know or don't know a compliment can totally brighten their day, give them a boost of self-esteem, or help them to make it through the rest of their day. Whenever I see someone who has something cute on, instead of just keeping that thought to myself, I let them know! It's also great to compliment people who have just achieved something or who used their gifts to create a masterpiece. Tell them they did a great job!


It's great to lend a hand when you can, whether it be babysitting or helping someone move. A few years ago one of our friends had surgery and wasn't going to be very mobile for a couple of weeks. So, Jason and I emailed friends and family of theirs and asked them to participate in bringing them a meal on whichever days they could. We were able to fill the list for two weeks and they were absolutely blessed!


If you live far away from a family member or friend it's so easy to get into the habit of not staying in touch with them. Make an effort to send them a note every now and then asking how they are and share good news with them. It's also nice to do this even with the people whom you see on a regular basis. Oh, and even though technology has pretty much taken over everything, there are a lot of people who still appreciate phonecalls.


Most people like at least some sort of surprise. Jason brought me frozen yogurt at the end of the day once before and I was absolutely giddy! My mom also tends to surprise me with cute little gifts which always puts a smile on my face. Things like these let the other person know that you thought about them.


It's nice to do something with your significant other, family member or friend that they really enjoy. Here's an example: I don't enjoy doing puzzles but Jason loves them. He knows I'm probably not going to sit there and help complete it but he appreciates when I spend a little time doing this with him, even if it means just finding all the edge pieces and placing them together. *Don't ever feel pressured into doing something you really don't want to do though.

What other ways might you show someone that you care?

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