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Advancing Health and Improving Youth self development

African Youth Development and Health Foundation,

a non-profit group, organized to

Establish, Prevent and Maintain a comprehensive and efficient healthcare delivery to the youth and underserved communities

Provide opportunities and inspire the Youth through Education, Employment and Empowerment 

New e.l.f. products

Taken with Instagram

My dear friend Casee sent a surprise package for my Birthday last week. She even wrapped it in the most fabulous animal print wrapping paper! Inside I received three e.l.f. products I hadn't tried before...

Matte Lip Color in Ruby Red

Bold and bright colors work well with my complexion so when I saw this one I knew I'd like it. It's easy to apply and lasts a good while. One of my co-workers even said I looked like Snow White. Tip: Use the Maybelline "Clear" Lipliner before applying.

Eyeliner & Shadow stick in Black (Shadow stick is Silver)

This liner is much darker than the Revlon Colorstay eyeliner (Black/Brown) I'm used to wearing. I liked it but I had to dab some black eyeshadow on top of it to keep it from smearing onto my upper lid. I really love the shadow stick, it's a beautiful silver color that I used on top and underneath the eye. Tip: Apply just a bit of the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion underneath your eye to help make liners and shadows last throughout the day.

Brightening Eye Color in Silver Lining

Their shadows aren't super pigmented but they're nice. I used the white for highlighting and the silver/grey color on my eyelids along with the shadow stick. Tip: Before applying eyeshadow, tap your brush over your palatte or sink to remove any excess shadow so it doesn't end up on your cheek.

Have you tried any of the make-up from e.l.f. before? Which products do you own?