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Disney Days: Cars Land

What I Wore:

Chiffon Blouse: Cotton On
Jeans: Target
Sandals: Sanuk
Headband: Harvester Products
Sunglasses: Vintage collection from Wal-Mart

I laugh at myself because Disney doesn't exactly fit into the fashion, beauty or lifestyle categories that represent this blog. However, if I have someone take a photo or two of myself, it instantly becomes an outfit post with a twist. I usually like to dress real simple when I'm at Disneyland. I think it's important to feel comfortable when you're walking around all day. You'll probably notice I'm not wearing any jewelry. I knew it'd be warm and sunny out and I didn't want to come home with any random bracelet or necklace tans. I'm silly, like that.

In California Adventure they added a Mad T Party event which is a vibrant nighttime dance party inspired by the manic energy of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. It's sort fun but creepy looking. I went over there during the day and they had this great section of colorful majestic-like chairs and footstools and my mom already had the camera ready!

If you haven't heard, they added a Starbucks inside the new Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Cafe' to Buena Vista Street in California Adventure. My heart skipped a beat over the Disney-fied Starbucks cup. So fun!

I'm not a huge fan of Cars, but Cars Land is so creative! It looks exactly like Radiator Springs. The atmosphere is perfect and makes you feel like you're in a city.

I couldn't get over how adorable these cone drinks were. Everyone was walking around with them! They don't have too much to eat at Cars Land (as far as meals go) but their snacks were quite appetizing. I tried popcorn with a dill pickle seasoning and I couldn't stop eating it!

Family <3

If you've visited Cars Land, tell me what you think! What are you doing for Labor Day weekend? Be careful with those sales!