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ALMAY: Eye Makeup Remover Pads

These eye makeup remover pads by ALMAY are great! I've been using them for years and have yet to try any other product. They work best after washing your face (or after taking a shower) and making sure you get your eyelids and eyelashes wet. I take one pad (which will clean both eyes) and place it behind my eyelashes with my thumb over it while gently stroking them from one side to the other. These pads remove my waterproof mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner. The oil-free version is the best one, I found that the other was much to greasy and made my eyes water. You can find these pads at many different places including some of my favorites, Target and ULTA.

I'd love to know what sort of eye makeup remover you use? I'm always interested in trying new beauty products.