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Tarte Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler

This has been my favorite eyelash curler for years. It's durable and gives my lashes the dramatic curl I desire. Some beauty gurus tend to use their curlers for a few seconds but I've always liked to use it for about 20 seconds, sometimes more. I wasn't kidding about the drama. This will also help to ensure your lashes will stay put throughout the day!

For $15 you'll receive the curler, an extra silicone pad and a deluxe sample of Tarte's best-selling Lights, Camera, Lashes! natural mascara. The silicone pad is easy to clean with water and mild soap and it's recommended that you replace it with the extra pad after 3 months which would mean buying a new one after 6 months. However, if you clean them often this curler will last you about a year. Just be sure to pay attention to the silicone pad, I've never had this happen but if it splits you definitely want to buy a new one.

The bonus mascara is a nice one but it's not waterproof which is a big deal to me. It's definitely nice to have for emergencies though and you could always add an eyelash primer before using it.

You can purchase this curler on the Tarte, ULTA or Sephora websites.

Do you have a favorite eyelash curler?