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Sally Hansen's Strengthening Top Coat

I originally bought this Sally Hansen top coat to use on a necklace I didn't want to tarnish. After letting it dry, I noticed you could still see the top coat on the piece I applied it to and only then realized how thick the product actually was. Now I know to purchase a very basic top coat if I ever want to try the tarnish prevention trick again.

Anyhow, I decided to use it for what it was designed for. Smart, right? After making sure your nails are completely dry (if you don't, it will thin out areas of the polish which will create lines and make your polish look uneven), add one coat and you'll be amazed at how much longer your nail polish will last. Mine will usually last about a week sometimes longer depending on the tasks I take on. As useful as it is, be prepared to sit there with lots of nail polish remover and q-tips for a good twenty minutes or more when you're ready to take it off. If anyone knows of a stronger remover, I'm all ears!

Might I also mention that I'm totally in love with this new shade? I found it at Forever 21 for $2.80. It's called "Beige" and I'm quite impressed with it. I always wondered about the quality of their nail polishes. I've heard that some shades require a couple of coats, but this one turned out just fine with one.

What nail products are your favorites? I'm curious to know :)