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The Garment Rack

Image from PInterest

I remember the day when I first discovered the garment rack. It was quite literally love at first sight. I walked into my cousin's room to get some Barbie accessories she no longer wanted (yes, I was that young) and there it was. The beautiful garment rack with probably half of her closet displayed on it. It was such a sight! Since then I've always loved them and after purchasing one recently for my mother-in-law I reunited with my obsession. It felt wrong to not add another one to the cart for myself. I reminded my husband that my Birthday is coming up in January and that I might accidentally get one as a gift to myself. We don't exactly have the room for it but where there's a will there's a way! Someday I'll get one, you'll see!

Some people use garment racks to hang all of their clothes. I've just always wanted one to display my favorite pieces from my closet. I love the way Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere displays just a handful of her favorite clothes and accessories in her office. Below you'll find two photos of her office from different seasons.

Image Source

Image Source

In case you're interested, this is the garment rack we purchased for Jason's mom for her birthday. She wanted one to hang the clothes she doesn't put in the dryer. There are definitely many different ways to use them!

Bed Bath & Beyond - $19.99

You can find many more different kinds of garment racks here at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Tell me, have you always wanted a garment rack? How would you use it?