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Establish, Prevent and Maintain a comprehensive and efficient healthcare delivery to the youth and underserved communities

Provide opportunities and inspire the Youth through Education, Employment and Empowerment 

Inspiration Patchwork - FTF Blog Event

The challenge for this month's Full Time Fabulous Blog Event was to create a visual interpretation of something we are inspired by. Just this year I realized that my closet is a huge reflection of the things I have been and am currently inspired by. I decided to choose three things that inspire me in a patchwork quilt sort of way...


Since I was a baby, Disney has been a part of my life. Its youthfulness encourages me to keep my wardrobe fun, because of the Princesses (especially Belle) I love all things feminine, and the adventurous stories remind me to step out of the box and try new things.


Food, especially sweets, are the perfect example of what my wardrobe looks like; colorful! I should have just as many sprinkles in my closet as I do on my frozen yogurt! Black is perfect and chic but a splash of color always adds a bit of magic.


I’ve always been drawn towards character costumes. Movies like Star Wars, Pride and Prejudice, The Phantom of the Opera and Gladiator all have dramatic pieces from head-to-toe with exquisite detailing that I can’t help but obsess over. I'm sure that my love for anything long and flowy, statement jewelry, and wild shapes and pieces with flawless structure that are unfamiliar and artsy (to name just a few), come from movies like these.

All these things (and more) inspire my wardrobe and the way I dress everyday. I don’t wear dramatic pieces for attention. I wear them because they're simply what I love and I’d rather have drama in my fashion than in my life any day. How about you?

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