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The Scents of Summer

A lot of people have been talking about the end of summer; how the season is almost over. And in many ways it is, for a lot of people: schools will be picking back up soon, and of course all of the autumn/winter collections are starting to make their way into stores. But here in the Midwest the heat certainly doesn’t seem to be in a hurry and that always maintains a little bit of summer to me! One way I love to make the season last is by filling my space with summery scents. Beyond perfume (I’m a year-round Carolina Herrera 212 kinda gal) there are lots of ways to gently invigorate your senses with the feeling of summer; I love switching up my everyday products for seasonal options, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites this year. They’re vastly inexpensive little things with a marvelous impact, and you’re apt to find some of them on sale now as stores make way for their autumn/winter scent stock!

1. Coconut Bay by Yankee Candle; $27.99, Amazon
There's something so unstoppable about coconut scents. They, of course, remind me of pina coladas – and pina coladas, of course, remind me of summer! This particular one is such an authentic scent, not too sweet, and it takes me right away to some far-off tropical beach.

2. Coconut & Warm Ginger by Softsoap; $2.49, Drugstore.com
This was just a spontaneous purchase that has all three of us gals in my family smitten. It's just hand soap, for goodness sake, but it's amazing! The coconut and ginger combination is so refreshing. We've stocked up on it so if you open our linen closet you'll see a massive row of these handsoaps just in case we run out. (Slightly obsessed.)

3. Satin Rose de Mai by Victoria's Secret; $13.50, Amazon
This link is for the body lotion, but I actually have the spray fragrance. I couldn't find that anywhere online, though luckily the scent still seems to be around in other options. I got Victoria's Secret's Satin Rose de Mai sometime last year, I think, and I've taken to spritzing it just after a shower for a nice, light base before perfume. I'll even spray it after a nighttime shower for a little rejuvination.

4. Yum Yum Yumberry by ULTA; $16.00, ULTA
Another slightly inaccurate link; I have ULTA's shower smoothie in Blueberry Blast which I got in the spring, but it seems to no longer be available. This one seems like a similar scent and just as summery. There are quite a few interesting scents in ULTA's smoothie collection and they're such a brilliant product! You can use it as shampoo, body wash or bubble bath; I've also taken to using it as handsoap once in a while. It makes for a fun punch of fragrance during the day.

5. Sheer Twilight by Caress, $4.12, Drugstore.com
This is perhaps my new favorite, ever. Totally inexpensive and just phenomenal, the new Fine Fragrance Elixirs body wash by Caress in Sheer Twilight is a very rich, floral scent. It has genuine fragrance pearls that give it the liquidy scent of a perfume. And the fragrance really lasts! I found I could opt out of my daily perfume when I would use Sheer Twilight because it stood on its own so well. That said, it's not an overpowering scent either. Just the right amount.

What have been some of your favorite scents this summer?

- Casee Marie

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