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Friday Fame: Florence Welch

"I've got my ideal job. I like to sing, I like to dance, I like to bang drums and dress up and someone pays me - it's incredible."

Florence Welch is the powerhouse Brit behind the sensational band Florence + the Machine. Here in the States, Florence has been rocketing to new heights of fame over the last few years, and even if you think you've never heard of her you've most likely heard one of her songs on television without even realizing it. Some of the band's most celebrated songs – particularly "Dog Days Are Over", "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" and "Cosmic Love" – have been used countless times in movie trailers, not to mention the live performances at all manner of events, from the Grammys to the Oscars. But while the band and the music are both phenomenal, I want to talk about this gorgeous frontwoman's unmistakable look today...

On stage Florence's fashion sense gets incredibly eccentric. She cites The Lady of Shalott and Ophelia as some of her inspirations for her onstage persona, but says that in real life she's "kind of prim". I love the solemnity of her eccentricity, both onstage and off: she doesn't clamor for attention, but simply indulges her own imagination – and the result is fascinating.

Her personal style has a darkly ethereal quality, and I love how the edgy elements are always so well balanced by brightness. Her ivory complexion, her fiery red hair, both present wonderful contrasts to the clothes she wears. This outfit is a perfect example, I love all the different elements and how she turns very basic things – red hair, sheers, leather – into something extraordinarily unique.

And I'll say it: I'm a huge fan of her red hair. I actually dyed my hair red for a little while and this is the sort of shade I wanted (but never achieved). I love that fearlessly bold hue and she wears it perfectly! Her look always reminds me of something out of a fairy tale – very Brothers Grimm – and I think her hair plays a big part in that.

"I was imaginative, a bit of a dreamer, but quite a timid child. I wasn't confident...But I do remember being completely involved in imaginary games that would last for days, weeks. It was always magic, sorcery, living in the trees. A lot of just living in imaginary worlds. I don't think I’ve lost that."

Are you a fan of Flo, her creative style and her beautiful music? Let's take a page out of her book: what would your style be like if you dressed for the imaginary worlds you dreamed up as a child?

- Casee Marie