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My Shoe Collection

Recently I saw a few bloggers (including Stephanie and Yvonne) post their shoe collections for Shoe month (which I just realized was in May!). I thought it'd be fun to share my collection although I promise you it's not very much to get excited about. I'll be honest and say that a handful of them I don't even wear because they hurt my feet. They're good for only things like you know...outfit posts (ha!). When it comes to shoes, I think I lack greatly in them. Whenever I do find a pair that I love I snatch them up fast! Usually I'll wear them around our apartment for a day or so to make sure my feet join me in my love for them. I don't really own any designer shoes unless you think Guess or Rampage count? Most of my shoes come from places like Target, Payless, and Old Navy.

The bright yellow heels you see were actually bought years ago from Charlotte Russe for a modern-day Snow White photoshoot my friend and I were going to do. Sadly, it didn't happen and I've never worn them. I think(?) they're a little big and I'm not a huge fan of pointed shoes.

I have a few more flip flops than what you see but they were a little dirty so I decided to save you the "Eww". I've always been a flip-flop girl, but lately I've been craving some more wedges. I have a pair which you often see me wear but I'd like a couple more for the Summer!

I do have a couple of pairs of other boots and an old pair of Vans I use for the gym but they also need to be cleaned. No one wants to see dirty shoes!

What does your shoe collection look like? If you've shared photos before or plan to in the future I'd love to see them!