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Friday Fame: Adele

Ever since her debut in 2007 Adele Adkins has been considered a phenomenon in the music industry. The Brit's soulful style and hauntingly powerful vocals make her a force to be reckoned with, and it's no doubt that her second album has only encouraged her reputation as a modern icon. A modern icon that was discovered through MySpace, by the way. Normally I like to talk about style inspiration on Friday Fame, but when it comes to Adele I think the inspiration runs the gamut of subjects. She's devotedly and passionately her own woman; strong, honest and driven. I love her dedication to the fearless pursuit of her originality, and how she seems to own her beauty in the very way that she carries herself. What's not to love about her, right?

While I do love her style, there's something very specific that always catches my eye: her hair and make-up. The girl is a maven, and she absolutely rocks the glamorously luxe vibe that I'm so partial to (no going au naturale for us). She gets that fabulous Mad Men look flawlessly with the winged eyeliner and bouffant, and then she turns around and does something gorgeously opposite like a smoky eye and the above unlimited waves. She never lets herself become owned by her look, she always makes sure she's the one owning it.

What do you think of Adele's fabulous beauty inspiration? Isn't she just unstoppably lovely?

- Casee Marie