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African Youth Development and Health Foundation,

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Feeling Beautiful

When we are purposefully living a healthy lifestyle we will feel even more beautiful and refreshed! Here are a couple things that I do that will hopefully encourage you if you've been wanting to make some changes in your life.


Rarely do I ever drink anything but water. It's pure, refresing and absolutely necessary (read more about the benefits of drinking water here at WebMD). If you feel that you may be addicted to soda you might want to decrease the amount of soda you intake slowly so your body doesn't go into shock. If you have say more than a soda a day try substituting one with a glass or bottle of water instead. After a week or so replace the other soda with water as well. Let's say you previously drank those two sodas for lunch and dinner. You now won't feel full so fast and you can feel proud of yourself for making a healthier decision. Soda has a lot of extra sugars that your body doesn't need! I myself noticed a big difference in the way I felt when I stopped drinking soda. My stomach especially felt so relieved. It won't hurt to have a soda every now and then but if you're drinking soda every day you may want to think about what you're choosing to feed your body.

If you don't think you can handle drinking only water try some Diet Snapple. There is absolutely nothing in the ingredients that is harmful to your body (please note that not all diet drinks are this way). No calories, fat, sugars, carbs and only 5mg of sodium! Don't believe me? Click here! There are also many yummy flavors that will satisfy your tastebuds more than soda will! I absolutely love the Raspberry Tea!


Everyone needs their beauty sleep. Plenty of rest means more energy, a happier you, and probably a lot less Coffee! No one likes those puffy and dark eyes, a worn out looking face, or that drained feeling you get when you begin any sort of task. Before I was married I used to stay up past midnight and wake up sometimes around eleven in the morning. Not only did I feel like I was starting my day super late but I also felt exhausted and the days seemed shorter. I'm glad I changed my sleeping habits! This lady is now in bed usually by 10:30!

It's very important that we get enough sleep so our body's can function properly. You can learn more about how much sleep you need and the consequences of not getting enough here at WebMD.

Challenge yourself to try one of these two things (or both if you're feeling brave) and see how it works out for you! Let me know your results!