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The Perfect Pump

Mayhap it started as a trend, but now the skin-tone pump has become a wardrobe essential. Every girl is on the hunt for her perfect pair, and if you're one step ahead (pun intended) and have already found yours I salute you. I know I'm still looking, as is Jenmarie and even my sister. My sis and I had a long chat one day about the dilemma of widdling down the many options to find the pair that fits our criteria – funny enough, we had the same things on our lists:

We both agreed we aren't fans of patent leather, so we want something very matte looking. Then there's the issue of a platform: a big yes, but it has to be covered. To quote my sister, "It's like saying, Oh I'm literally not this tall, I'm just trying to make you think I am". (Mind you, these are just the opinions of two crazy girls with unusually opinionated preferences on footwear.) Where we differed, I think, was in the toe: I want a boldly rounded one and she wants a pointier one. I also love a pump with a sort of boxy, rounded vamp for substance. What I want is this: a matte (probably leather), essentially seamless shoe with height, substance and an accessible price. You wouldn't think that would be too hard, right?

Let's take a look at what I found whilst shopping online...

Corso Como ‘Palomar’ Platform Pump; $129.95; Nordstrom
It fits the bill because: It's perfect! The leather gives it a soft look, the platform is covered and it has a boxy vamp. This is it. Ish.
Wish it also had: A more accessible price. I'm determined to stay under $100. In my dreams I'd even like to stay under $50. And I wouldn't mind a little bit more height from the platform.

Rosica in Bone; $59.98, Aldo
It fits the bill because: The leather/suede upper gives it the matte look I want. It also has a vamp similar to what I'm looking for.
Wish it also had: A covered platform; and I'm not sure I like the concave shanks.

Nude Patent Platform Shoes; £35, Dorothy Perkins
It fits the bill because: The price would come out to around $56 - and the patent leather isn't overtly shiny.
Wish it also had: Again, a covered platform. This one is actually nice as visible platforms go, but it's one thing I don’t thing I can sacrifice.

Mossimo Versie Pump; $29.99; Target
It fits the bill because: It's got the matte look and definitely has the price!
Wish it also had: This one's got no platform at all, which...well, I guess that's a middle of the road, but I want the height. I also want a wrapped heel rather than the wood of this one.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Hestia Platform High Heels; $48.99, Kohls
It fits the bill because: Covered platform, accessible price, wrapped heel, boxy vamp. And I could come to love the patent leather on this one, I think. Perfection? Almost.
Wish it also had: A softer sole. I've seen this shoe before and the way the sole sort of juts out at the ball of the foot is a bit of a turn-off.

Steve Madden Russh in Nude; $71.96, 6pm.com
It fits the bill because: Oh gosh, it's gorgeous. I love the platform, the vamp, the overall shape of the shoe.
Wish it also had: A matte look! This is just a little too shiny for me. I don't want people to see their reflection when they look at my shoes!

So I'll keep on looking. In the meantime tell me your feelings on the nude pump: do you have a pair? What's on your list of criteria?

- Casee Marie

I'd also like to thank Stephanie of The Loudmouth for submitting my Living Glamorously in a Small Space closet organization post to Beautifully Invisible's Link Love with a Twist this week! Be sure to check out all the selected links at Beautifully Invisible and share your favorites for inclusion next week as well!