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Oscar de la Renta: Resort 2012

With the weather turning dark and rainy and the start of my new job this week there was no time for an outfit post which I had planned for today. But when all else fails, Oscar de la Renta is there to save the day! His newest collection is packed with a rainbow of colors and beautiful patterns. You can find the full collection on Style.com but for now, here are my favorites...

Polka dots. One of my all time favorite patterns. I was thrilled to find these in the collection. And really, is there anything better than polka dots and red accessories? I think not. My one complaint are the hats which I find very distracting. Usually fun and awkard pieces like these don't bother me. In fact, I think it's what makes the runways unique and exciting, but I feel like these particular hats don't compliment the dresses very well. I would've rather seen their hair up in buns.

This ball gown is like a dream to me. I love the color, the delicate layers and the light shimmer. But why the sash? Was she just named Prom Queen? The multi-colored dress to the right is just fantastic. I love the geometric pattern and sharp edges but again, the hat distracts me.

The silver and pink dress is fit for a princess! I love how they made the gown appear more casual by adding a belt and wrapping a sweater around her shoulders. I totally see Cameron Diaz in this dress. I was also so excited to see a maxi dress in this collection! Thank you Oscar! The print reminds me of last year's Fashion's Night Out. Anyone else see it?

What do you think of this collection? Which are your favorites and how do you feel about the hats? Let's discuss!