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One Fine Weekend

What I wore:

Burgundy Top: Target
Layering Tank: Target
Skirty: Target
Belt: Forever 21
Scarf: Gifted
Wedges: Target
Lips: Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss
Nails: Pink Seriously & Make a Comet-ment - Nicole by OPI

This weekend although busy and fast-paced was filled with various activities. A little shopping, weed pulling (thank you husband!), laundry, a Bridal party meeting, our nephew's Birthday party, and even a little swashbuckling fun with Jason on the new POTC Lego game. It's addicting, I tell you! I love redbox even if you only get to rent a movie/game for a day.

It's days like these that make you realize how fast the days are flying by. It seems like just recently I gave you all a glimpse of this fun tulle-like skirt from Target when it was actually in February right around Valentine's Day! The wedges, of course, you've seen many times but what you haven't seen are my new skinnny leopard print belt and sequin scarf (which happened to move out of place in almost every photo). The skinny belt is from Forever 21, and the sequin scarf is a piece I think I've had since I was in Highschool. I recently found it at the bottom of my scarf collection and quickly brought it to the top! I really need to organize them like Casee Marie did with hers here. Anyhow, this just goes to show you how you should definitely save some pieces for future use! You never know what the runways are going to display next!

Have you ever saved something from your wardrobe and wore it again like it was new years later? Tell us about it! Hope you all had a great weekend!