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Friday Fame: Abbie Cornish

"I like doing my own hair and make-up because it's me. This is my own
dress, it's me, and I'm happy with it. It's nice not to be too full-on."

You may know Australian actress Abbie Cornish from her leading lady role in Bright Star where she played Fannie Brawne to Ben Whishaw's John Keats. Or perhaps you're familiar with her name from her recent films, Limitless and Sucker Punch. Then there was her award-winning performance in Somersault, her acclaimed role opposite Heath Ledger in Candy, not to mention Elizabeth: The Golden Age and A Good Year. The girl's been busy! Wherever you know her from, what you may not know is that she's an accomplished DJ and hip hop musician as well as a talented graffiti artist. Creativity seems to surround her in every way and she isn't afraid to pursue her passions; in fact, she thrives on the thrill of it all. Abbie took part in a charming photoshoot in this month's InStyle complete with some of her own graffiti art and radiating style. For this week's Friday Fame I thought I'd share some of my favorite shots from the magazine. Take a look!

She reminds me so much of a young Annette Bening. Are you an Abbie fan? Personally, I'm thrilled to see her getting more attention in the States and I can't wait to see what else is in store for her artistic pursuits. music, graffiti, film and all!

- Casee Marie