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This little lace of mine

What I'm wearing...

(New!) Lace Scarf from Kohl's
Cardigan from Forever 21
(New!) Lace Tank-Dress from Cotton On
Long and Lean Tank from Target
Skinny Jeans from Target
Wedges from Target

I received a gift card to Kohl's from my husband Jason and used it to buy a few items including this lovely grey/silver-ish lace Scarf with flowers hanging delicately all over. The brand is Candie's and they also had one in black when I went. I don't know how I didn't purchase both.

The pink lace Tank-Dress I found at Cotton On on sale for only $3.50. It's absolutely precious and can be worn in so many different ways. I get a little too excited when I think about it!

Whenever I wear lace I feel perfectly happy. Lace in my eyes is one of the most feminine pieces of clothing and I believe that's why females love wearing it so much. This morning I was reading about the history of lace through different links I found via Google and came upon this quote which I had to share with you all...

"Of many Arts, one surpasses all. For the maiden seated at her work flashes the smooth balls and thousand threads into the circle,...and from this, her amusement, makes as much profit as a man earns by the sweat of his brow, and no maiden ever complains, at even, of the length of the day. The issue is a fine web, which feeds the pride of the whole globe; which surrounds with its fine border cloaks and tuckers, and shows grandly round the throats and hands of Kings."
- Jacob Van Eyck, 1651.

The above statement was made three hundred and forty-eight years ago by the Flemish Master of oil painting, yet it still reflects perfectly what lacemaking is all about. It is a work of art, fun to make, and something to be proud of. It is also a unique way for a "maiden" to make an honest living, and as such, lacemaking as an industry on a larger scale is unprecedented and unique in women's history.

Isn't it amazing how they viewed lace as such a treasure in those days? I was absolutely fascinated reading through this information and afterwards I felt I gained a better understanding of when lace was first created and how it was used and appreciated. I now think so much more of lace than I did yesterday! If you love lace as much as I do, I would definitely recommend to do some Google searching of your own. Let me know if you get as giddy as I did ;)

If you're also a lover of lace, what do you often pair it with?

Lace History Credit: LaceMagazine.com