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Holiday Shopping: Etsy Designs

Here in the States we're taking a break for our Thanksgiving holiday, but for the rest of the world there is still plenty of blogging to do! As tomorrow marks the first official day of the holiday season, I thought I'd help our readers get a jump on their shopping lists by sharing a few unique gift ideas from Etsy.

Knotted Earrings by The Blue Balloon, $14
If you're wanting to give earrings as a gift I always think studs are an excellent choice. Some girls don't like overtly dramatic earrings, and some have very specific tastes. These knotted earrings are fantastic because they pack a whole lot of character and statement all in the tiny shape of a stud!

Scarlett Vintage Red Coat with Gold Military Buttons by louloudo, $20
Buying vintage could be difficult if you don't know your recipients measurements, etc., but it would also make for a really exciting gift to someone who doesn't own any vintage pieces or know where to get them.

English Garden Vintage Bracelet by lonkoosh, $37
If you want to go vintage but you're afraid of taking the plunge on a garment, you can't go wrong with jewelry! I love the punch of color in this vintage bracelet.

Annabel's Charm Necklace by Cinderbellas, $16
Buying handmade through Etsy is also a lovely idea. The fact that the piece is one-of-a-kind adds so much sentiment to a gift, in my opinion. Check out our sponsor Cinderbella for lots of beautiful handmade pieces. I especially love this charm necklace with the beautiful cameo!

Black Bow Necklace by muchlove, $10
Much Love is another of my favorite Etsy shops for handmade. This bow necklace is dainty and feminine, but the black color gives it a touch of drama. Lovely!

Little Tree Pocket Mirror by marykilvert, $6.15
Pocket mirrors are a fantastic gift. There are some of us (yes, shamelessly, I'm one of them) who don't actually have a compact little mirror for everyday travel usage. I can't tell you how badly I wish I had one! And Mary Kilvert has the most adorable prints on hers. Check out her shop for the full set.

I hope you've been inspired or perhaps found a little something through this post for someone special. If you have any favorite Etsy shops, please feel free to share them with us!