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Gossip Girl Fashion: Blair

I can't in good conscience actually recommend that you watch Gossip Girlbecause the plots are ridiculous and it is morally dubious at best. BUT since it is a show all about rich people living in New York, there is some fantastic fashion that I thought I'd share. Each of the main female character has her own unique style, and my personal favorite is Blair who tends to favor a more classic and preppy style that still manages to look youthful.

The main reason I'm posting this look is for the patterned tights. I LOVE THEM. I actually haven't had the guts to buy a pair to wear yet because I really am not a big skirt or dress person, but I love the way that they look.

As I've said before in previous posts, I love tweed! I absolutely adore the way that tweed is used in this suit. It's a nice deep green which makes it looks fresh and modern and the blouse underneath it contributes to the feminine and youthful look. What a great way to reimagine tweed!

I think this is an absolutely adorable look. I am a huge fan of using patterns. I especially love it when different patterns are paired together and I think the structured look of the top is super cute.

This is a classic Blair look: blazer, stylish blouse and a skirt. But I'm mostly posting this look because I really love the necklace which is a key pendant on a string of pearls.

Blair also has the most gorgeous gowns. I think this red is absolutely stunning on her, and it's perfectly accessorized with the clutch in the slightly different shade of red and that lovely necklace.

I love this classic black and white polka dot dress! I especially like the sash around the waist. It helps to give the waist more definition and provides a visual break from all of the polkadots without actually using a different fabric.