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Vivienne Tam Spring 2011 RTW

New York Fashion Week has been spectacular so far, hasn’t it? I’ve been having so much fun watching the livestreaming shows online. (In case you missed the link on our Facebook and Twitter, there’s a full schedule of livestreaming Fashion Week shows over here.) I have so many favorites of the collections that have been shown so far. Choosing a favorite would be impossible, but I thought I'd share some of my favorite pieces from one of the designers whose collection stayed with me the most: Vivienne Tam.

The soft color palette at the beginning was so fresh and appealing to me. Vivienne's Eastern inspiration in this collection really caught my interest, too. I absolutely love the flat sandals! There's more to life than platform stilettos, right? I always feel slightly let down when I see those mammoth shoes on the runway because they're utterly unrealistic for me. These little darlings I can wear!

I love that this flowy chiffon look seems to be one of the biggest trends for spring. It's so comfortable, and everyone can wear it. The darker shades and patterns are so elegant and chic, too. I love the shape of the blue one on the left especially. It looks quite flattering.

These two looks really showcase the variety of the collection. There were so many possibilities with each piece. How cute are those pants? I love the alternating stripes in that look. It's something I wouldn't normally attempt myself, but it looks so natural here. Let's get adventurous next spring!

What did you think of Vivienne Tam's collection? If you missed it don't forget that you can watch it anytime right here thanks to the wonderful folks at First Comes Fashion!