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Friday Fame: Oscar de la Renta Spring 2011

Oscar de la Renta is a kind-spirited gentleman with impeccable taste in women's clothing and accessories. Basically, he is a genius! He creates the most stunning and classy pieces for women to wear today, not to mention some of the most extraordinary gowns you've ever seen.

I have so many pieces that I really loved from his Spring 2011 Collection. Twenty-four to be exact, and yes I'm sharing them all along with my comments on each piece. Maybe a little crazy, but I'm so excited! I would also very strongly recommened to look at the full screen slideshow on Style.com. I promise you'll be amazed at all the details!

One of my favorite things about this collection are all the stripes, polka dots and other fun patterns. I don't know if you can tell but the first look is a jumpsuit with very fine tiny stripes. It's darling! I love the colors and the ruffles at the top.

The white and yellow dresses are so classy and perfect for a day at the office or an afternoon tea (notice the tiny belts!). The floral dress with the light knit cardigan is one of my absolute favorites. This piece, I think, really screams Spring! Who wouldn't feel fresh and feminine wearing this?

The black and white striped coat is incredible, but I think this is one I felt was stiff on the sleeves. In fact, there were many pieces that looked really stiff. They had their own shape, which made it impossible to be form fitting (not that they had to be tight, but just that they should've clung to the body more). In my opinion, this made some pieces unflattering. There were gowns that moved so strangly because they were so stiff like a head cone.

Coco Rocha's green striped coat and skirt are so fine. My favorite feature is the sharp-edged look of the coat. It's very attractive and bold. I also really love the emerald earrings she has on. The jewelry and accessories you'll definitely want to watch for! There are some gorgeous pieces!

Again we have another striped coat, and another super cute jumpsuit in grey along with a statement necklace. I'm so tempted to try wearing a jumpsuit! They look so comfortable to wear, and so easy to throw on for a quick trip out.

Now, we're starting to get a little more fancy! The black and yellow dress is so fun and alive. The yellow is perfect, it's bright but almost like a pastel color. Notice the little purple accessory pinned to the dress!

Is there anything better than a black dress? These three are all lovely. The first one I think is an embroidered lace over a nude color paired with a black bow around the waist. It's very flattering! I feel like the middle one with the white fur is a little out of place. I can't help but think of Winter when looking at it. Still, I kind of cute. The last one had an amazing movement! The model is also wearing a long black and white necklace with a tassel at the end.

I love the color of the first dress. It's like a redish-orange. I am not fond of the scrunched-flower-type piece on the hip very much. I felt it made the dress look a little awkward when she was walking down the runway.

This second piece is so Cruella de Vil. I mean seriously, look at all that tulle! I love it! It's gorgeous with so much attitude and confidence. Oh, and the train was so pretty! I would love to try this piece on for fun!

I couldn't help but think of Audrey Hepburn when I saw the white dress with red roses. Just when I was "aww-ing" this piece, I nearly died when I saw the polka dot dress! Can we have a 50's themed party please? One of my favorites, for sure!

Coco Rocha totally rocked this gorgeous gown! The movement of the dress reminded me of a couple of the dramatic gowns from Christian Siriano's collection. I adore the style and colors. The earrings she has on are again, really beautiful.

The last mermaid dress is so gorgeous! Can you tell it's covered in red hearts? So romantic! You can never go wrong with red, black and white (my wedding colors). I think it's a favorite.

I think this was my favorite black dress from the collection (why do I always say "I think", am I really that undesicive?). It looks so chic, and I instantly fell in love with the lounced shoulder strap.

The ivory embroidery layered on top of the pink is beyond feminine. It's like a delicate tea-cup. This is one you must see up close! I can't get over how adorable it is.

The pink dress with the dramatic layers and ruffles on the side is something we've seen done many times, but it's still very beautiful. The style reminds me of the dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the Oscars. Casee mentioned it here.

The green dress is very unique. I think of Alice in Wonderland and Zoe Saldana when I look at it. The shape is very different and fun. It's very modern looking with a whimsical touch.

These last two gowns are fit for Princesses. They're so soft and graceful looking. I feel like they'd melt in the rain like cotton candy, that's how delicate they look. Basically they're everything heavenly. Such perfection.

I hope you enjoyed my obsessiveness. Please share with us your favorites from the collection!